Our Projects

We’re currently working on three exciting projects:

1. Think Scotland, Think Conference.

Scotland’s network of corporate expertise at home and internationally is impressive and vast. “Think Scotland, Think Conference” is a new initiative that calls on the business world to think about opportunities to bring new meetings and conferences to Scotland, making the most of such connections for the first time. It’s all about growth – growth not only in the value of business tourism to Scotland, but also more widely in the economy because meetings are such an effective shop window for other industry sectors.

Our name for these people who can, or could have an influence on the location for a conference or event is “Corporate Champions”. They are a diverse grouping, but all with experience and connections required to identify potential opportunities for Scotland. Be it directors, executives, specialists or GlobalScots we are seeking professionals who are looking to bring recognition for their organisation, their sector and to Scotland by hosting, or planting the seed with others to host, their event in Scotland.

They may work in Scotland, the UK or overseas in:

  • Scottish companies or their subsidiaries
  • Multi-nationals or Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Publicly funded agencies
  • Central or local government

How can you benefit?
If you’re in business tourism in Scotland, you stand to benefit from these new prospects. All enquiries will be directed to VisitScotland Business Events who will verify the prospect and ensure no city is already working on the event. Once established as a new lead, the enquiry will be circulated directly or via your city convention bureau.

Sounds like someone you know?
Can you think of any possible corporate champions in your location or network? We’re developing a website and a range of collateral available to corporate champions to help plant that seed with colleagues and peers to consider Scotland as a destination for their event.

VisitScotland and the convention bureaux are standing by to cultivate and support anyone who can shine a spotlight on a possible event. If the champion is overseas, Scottish Development International (SDI) will be working with us to help support the champion.

If you would like to find out more about Think Scotland, Think Scotland, or would like marketing collateral for you or your sales team, please visit the Think Scotland Think Conference website www.thinkscotlandconference.co.uk

2. Resources and research

Promoting the value of business tourism in Scotland is key to the success of the sector becoming the best.

But what does this mean for your particular destination? Let us help you find out. We’re pushing for better information for your business or operation – and we want it to also be enticing to investors.

We’ve already commissioned a Scotland-wide supplement report to EVCOM’s UK Events Market Trends Survey (UKEMTS). It outlines useful information like key trends, statistics and the actual value of business tourism in Scotland in 2013.

We’ll be doing more venue research in the future so if you’d like to contribute, get in touch. Or if you’re looking for more relevant and reliable information to help your tourism business grow, check out the Intelligence section of this site.


3. Staying ahead of the game – effective communication

Sharing your experiences, industry insights, benchmarks and best practices all help to elevate your stakes in the tourism business game.

Stay informed by joining the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn, or sign up to our BTfS e-newsletter.

Of course you can use our website whenever and as often as you like. And don’t keep it to yourself, tell a friend.

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