City Convention Bureaux

Scotland has 4 city convention bureaux (CCBs), membership organisations that compete in a global market securing business events for their cities.

VisitScotland Business Events promote all other areas in Scotland, and in some cases a regional promotional group exists such as those in Perthshire and Conference Dumfries. The CCBs are generally funded by support from Local Authorities, as well as member contributions and commercial activities.   

Convention Edinburgh is celebrating a new (May 2015) global position moving up nine places to 31 in the world city rankings according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

City Convention Bureaux are marketing bodies whose main purpose is to increase the number of events, conferences and meetings held in their city. Their principal functions include:

They serve as a one stop shop for anyone looking to organise a meeting in their city and provide conference and event organisers with impartial advice on all the elements involved in bring an event or conference to their city.

CCBs in Scotland offer a free venue finding service, assisting the conference organiser to source venues for their event.

Most CCBs in Scotland offer a complimentary accommodation service for conference organisers whereby they source accommodation for delegates, speakers, VIPs and enable them to book online.

CCBs will also work with conference and events planner to prepare bid documents for competitive bid situations and provide material for bid presentations.

CCBs will provide promotional material for conference and event planners – this will include imagery, videos, brochures, posters, maps and also literature for delegates.

CCBs maintain close relationships with local institutions, universities, scientists, senior medical practitioners and run Ambassador Programmes to support local experts who are looking to bid for their association’s conference to come to their city.

CCBs are active in the global marketplace with a series of sales and marketing activities to identify and generate sales leads for conversion by their membership base. These include trade shows, educational trips and site inspections, press and PR and social media.

CCBs have extensive research programmes to identify new events that could be attracted to their city. They also gather, interpret and disseminate market intelligence, competitor analysis and benchmarking, to understand where that city sits against existing and emerging competitors.

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